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New Columbia Villa
A very cool climbing structure by Goric. The kids in this renovated neighborhood love it.

New Columbia Villa, North Portland, Oregon
Goric Climbing Structure
Durham Elementary
There are four structures on this site - a farm house, a large climb-and-slide, a link/hot lava structure, and a picnic shelter. All use the Round 5 system, and combine to make one of the most elaborate and fun elementary school playgrounds in the state.

Durham Elementary, Tigard, Oregon
Playcraft Round 5 System,
Bridlemile Elementary
We have two Playcraft Structures at Bridlemile - one for the 3-5 graders and one for 1-3 grade. We're still working on getting something for the Kindergardeners. We can tailor our structures to particular age groups to ensure that they are as fun and activity-inspiring as possible.

Bridlemile Elementary School, Portland, Oregon
Playcraft Round 5 System, Fibar EWF
View Acres Elementary
A nice diverse structure that works well on many levels. We are adding on to it this Summer

View Acres Elementary School, Milwaukie, Oregon
Playcraft Round 5 System,
Civic Center/Murase Park

Civic Center/Murase Park, Wilsonville, Oregon
Goric Climbing Structure
Ventura Park Elementary
A fun structure for their younger kids. It was installed by the district, supplied by PTA.

Ventura Park Elementary School, Portland, Oregon
Playcraft Round 3.5 System
NW Rec