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Installation Options
Contractor Installation
This is the simplest method for the playground purchaser, but also the most costly. We have a number of factory-certified installers with vast experience in building playgrounds that work collaboratively with you to have the play structures installed properly. Our staff is certified by the National Recreation and Parks Association as Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, and we are available to inspect all our playgrounds after installation to help ensure compliance with all regulations and guidelines. You can expect to pay approximately 25% of the cost of the equipment to install structures using a contractor.

Community Supervised Installation
This is a great way to get the community involved in putting your new playground in the ground. This requires a great deal more coordination, but can result in much more pride of ownership and community caring about the playground. Costs range from $800 to $1,200 per day for the supervisor with most playgrounds taking 1-2 days for installation. Other costs, such as concrete, food for volunteers, etc. will need to be considered as well.

Community Installation
There are many playgrounds that have been installed using volunteers exclusively. While there is a learning curve to the methods used for construction, if you have community members that have a background in construction or manufacturing assembly, you can successfully install our playgrounds using community volunteers. In most cases, we are happy to visit the site post-construction to assess and verify proper installationa and compliance with safety standards.

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