sample specifications

In this age of budget cuts, obtaining grant funding is more attractive than ever. But how do you sort through the plethora of grant information and find the grant that's right for you? You must follow a step-by-step process in your grant search, and remember it takes time and persistence to succeed. After you have written a grant proposal, it could take as long as a year to obtain the funds needed to carry it out. And even a perfectly written grant proposal submitted to the right prospect might be rejected for any number of reasons.

Finding a grant is an art as much as a science. The Internet is a great place to begin; start with search terms that describe your particular project (accessible playground grant, fitness grant, minority grant, grants by state, etc.) Also don't forget to check local grant opportunities that may be unique to your town, county or state. Your local government can direct you to field offices or websites that will clarify these grant opportunities and how to qualify.

Northwest Recreation and Playcraft can help with graphics and product descriptions that let the grant sources know that you are serious and have a plan for improving your playground. We will tailor our designs to fit your needs, and fulfill the aims of the grant sources for improving our communities.


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